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Unlocking Wii – Advantages

Here I are going to familiarize you with some of the advantages for unlocking Wii. You may be using your wii to play games and might be thinking of unlocking it to be able to play home brew games or backup games. But there is so much more that you can use your Nintendo Wii for. When you unlock your wii you will be surprised to see how many things it can be used for. From watching movies, to listening to music. You can practically do anything that you could expect from a  13cm x 20cm x 6cm box.

1. Once you unlock your Wii, you can use it as a media center and play DVD, and many different types of  video format like mp4, avi etc.

2. You can play homebrew games on your Wii. There are many custom applications and games created everyday by programmers around the world for the Nintendo Wii. The unlocked version can install and play all of them without any hassle.

3. You can back up your Nintendo Wii games and keep the originals in a safe place, because after you have unlocked your Nintendo Wii, you can use your backup DVD to play the games. If you don’t know how to backup your games then James guide provides ample information on How to Back up Wii games.

4. Remember those classic games on those old consoles like Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo etc. You can play all the games from those consoles on your Nintendo Wii on your HD TV. Imagine playing your favorite games like Contra, Double Dragon, Donkey Kong; the list is endless.


Remember how cool Contra was. How many times did you destroy this big mean machine?

5. Wii doesn’t allow games from some other region  to be played on a console of a different region if they are not compatible. There are many famous Japanese games that are fun to play but cannot be played because of this regional dispute. With your unlocked Wii you can play imported games from any region of the world.

6. You can use your Nintendo Wii to listen to your MP3, listen radio and play YouTube videos. How cool is that.

For some reason Nintendo didn’t want us to use Wii for all the purposes it could have been used for. When they created Wii they made it for the sole purpose of playing games, and they did an excellent job. But we as consumers like to have the most of our machines.

Don’t think that since Nintendo didn’t include all these options in the Wii, they didn’t want you to use the Wii in such a way. Nintendo is totally cool with you using your Wii in any way you possibly can. Read the FAQs to learn more.

It is just that they concentrated on making it for games and didn’t realize that people would want to use it for other purposes. But some smart programs have been able to include all these extra features in the Nintendo Wii without damaging or compromising your warranty.

Don’t be fooled by anyone who says that you need to buy a mod chip and solder it in the system to be able to use all these features. Even though it is possible to do it with a mod chip, it is quite expensive and could prove to be detrimental for your Wii hardware. If there is a safe and better way to unlock your Wii then why not use it?



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