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How to Unlock the Gardens in the Littlest Pet Shop Game

Gamers can collect, coddle and have fun with many sweet animals from little puppies to huge giraffes in a Wii game known as ‘Little Pet Shop’. The game goes on in a number of places like lavish jungles or a huge mall. The fun to the game is also added by the missions performed to unlock different worlds. For the fresh Little Pet Shop players Garden stage is the simplest way to unlock.

Step1 – Turn on the game of ‘Little Pet Shop’. The centre of the play area contains a mailbox. Go to that mailbox.

Step2 – Point at the mailbox with a Wii Remote and press ‘A’ to read the mail sent to your player.

Step3 – The mail contains certain instructions. Follow the instructions which are tiny challenges like attiring an animal or walking many animals.

Step4 – Eight such challenges sent to you when completed will unlock the Garden stage. Point the Wii Remote at the signpost of the new stage and press ‘A’ to select Gardens and enjoy them.

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