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How To Unlock New Characters in Mario Kart Wii?

There are 14 secret characters in Mario Kart Wii which can be unlocked. Below is a list of characters with how to unlock them.

1. Birdo: You need to play 16 different courses in the Time Trials mode

2. Baby Daisy: Play all the 50cc cups and get at least a “One Star” rank in all of them

3. Bowser Jr.: Play all the 100cc Retro Cups and get at least a “One Star” rank in all of them

4. Diddy Kong: Successfully complete all 50cc cups

5. Dry Bowser: Play all the 150cc cups and get at least a “One Star” rank in all of them

6. Daisy: Get first place in the 150cc Special Cup

7. Dry Bones: Get first place in the 100cc Leaf Cup

8. Baby Luigi: First unlock the Expert Staff Ghost data by beating a regular staff by 7 seconds. Then unlock eight expert staff ghost data in Time Trials.

9. Funky Kong: Unlock 4 Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials Mode.

10. Mii (Outfit A): Get first place in the 100cc Special Cup

11. Mii (Outfit B): You will have to unlock all of the 32 Expert Staff Ghost Data in the Time Trial mode. To unlock Expert Staff Ghost data, you will have to beat the regular staff by 7 seconds.

12. King Boo: Get first place in the 50cc Star Cup

13. Toadette: Just play all 32 courses in the Time Trial Mode. It can also be unlocked by winning 1,000 Wi-Fi Online matches.

14. Rosalina: Play all the Mirror Mode Wii-Cups and get at least a “One Star” in all of them.

More stuff that you can unlock on Mario Kart Wii


  • Quacker (small bike) – Get first place in the 150cc Star Cup
  • Magikruiser (small bike) – Play Time Trials on 8 different courses
  • Dolphin Dasher (medium bike) – Get first place in the Mirror Star Cup
  • Rapide (medium bike) – Get first place in the 100cc Lightning Cup
  • Nitrocycle (medium bike) – Play all 100cc Wii Grand Prix Cupsand get atleat a “One Star” rank in all of them
  • Bubble Bike (small bike) – Get first place in the Mirror Leaf Cup
  • Phantom (large bike) – Get first place in the Mirror Special Cup
  • Twinkle Star (large bike) – Get first place in the 100cc Star Cup


  • Cheep Charger (small kart) – Play all 50cc Retro Grand Prix Cupsand get at least a “One Star” rank in all of them
  • Rally Romper (small kart) – Unlock 1 Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials
    Blue Falcon (small kart) – Get first place in Mirror Lightning Cup
  • Turbo Blooper (medium kart) – Get first place in 50cc Leaf Cup
    B-Dasher (medium kart) – Unlock 24 Expert Staff Ghost data
  • Royal Racer (medium kart) – Get first place in 150cc Leaf Cup
  • Piranha Prowler (large kart) – Get first place in 50cc Special Cup
    Aero Glider (large kart) – Play all 150cc Retro Grand Prix Cups and get at least “One Star” in all of them
  • Dragonetti (large kart) – Get first place in 150cc Lightning Cup


  1. Melissa says:

    I have played 17 different courses on time trial mode, I have not got birdo or a magikruser can you please tell me why?

    1. daniel says:

      u doing it right

      1. Rachel says:

        well i got birdo by playing on wi fi

    2. autumn says:

      becuse you earnd a lot of ponits

    3. kiya reynolds says:

      turn off the wii to get it!

    4. King Boo says:

      Try turning your console off and on again and then go on that profile

      Hope this helps

    5. ZaZa says:

      you have to get a new record n time trial also if you want to get birdo

    6. Aidan says:

      Well I got birdo and toadette

    7. JJ says:

      You have to go on the Mario Kart channel. You DO NOT have to download this to your Wii, just when you open up Mario Kart Wii, in the bottom of the right corner there is an option of the Mario Kart channel. That is where I got my Magikruiser.

  2. Gavin says:

    diddy kongs unlock on here is wrong i did the same completed all 100cc cups

    1. admin says:

      Thanks, I fixed it now. You have to complete all 50cc cups.

    2. know it all says:

      gavin you have to sucsesfully beat all 50ccnot 100cc ok

  3. i used to play Mario Kart a lot last year but suddenly lost interest coz i got busy-:~

    1. OK says:

      Thanks for letting us know, REALLY interesting!

  4. me and my girlfriend loves to play mario kart all day;.,

  5. taM says:

    what does it by get one star in 150cc or whatever

  6. taM says:

    ok i know now

  7. I know says:

    To get a one star rating you hav to get all courses in first place ( and get a total of 60 pts). You can view your current rating by entering the cc and person amd cart/bike you desire, then put your pointer over a certain cup and in the bottom right it gives you you rating. Ratings from


    1. chris says:

      thanks alot but i only got lightning cup and i want to know iftheres a way to unlock all the cups

  8. daniel says:

    i tryed to get outfit b but did not work any one help

  9. chloee says:

    dan is a liar…
    he is sitting right next to me.. lying :L

  10. chole lipson community college plymouth i am a retard says:

    i can not get this kart Dragonetti

  11. hi there says:

    thats an easy kart to get

  12. mads says:

    To get baby luigi, will u have to play the expert ghosts or just play the regular ghosts like 8 times?

  13. Jina Cheon says:

    hi there, firstly thx for sharing. I would love to find out that whether you allow me to republish this article??

    1. admin says:

      Sure. Just make sure you link to this page as the source. And send me the web address where you publish it.

  14. Veronica says:

    Hey i need more people to play online with so if you want heres my code :

    Tell me your code so i can add you back :)

    1. Jules says:

      our code is this:
      we registered you:)

    2. recordbreaker says:

      My code is 167858412886 add me

      1. Amazing says:

        Hey Add me too please i will add you if you add me thank you :P :P here is my code i have added both of you : 3224-8678-8295 thank youu

        1. Mamz says:

          all of you add me aswell my code is : 5701-7067-9984

    3. recordbreaker says:

      Mine is 1678-5841-2886 I added all 4 of u

  15. Rachael says:

    I played 16 time trial modes and I did not ulock Birdo. Do you have to race a ghost or do a solo and do you have to win them ALL?
    Please comment with answers!
    Thanks! (:

    1. Rachael says:


  16. Rachael says:

    How do you unlock the Retro Cup? I do not have it on my Wii account. Also what is a “expert staff ghost” and how must I unlock it?
    Please comment with answers!

    1. Retro Cup says:

      Retro Cups are the cups that are from other game systems.

  17. sarah says:

    I tried unlocking toadette by playing all the 32 course’s in TTM , but I didn’t get it. I played all of them ! Do you have to win a certain amount or something ? Do you have to actually beat the ghost ? Beat a time ? And what the heck is retro cup ? I don’t see that anywhere ! And mirror mode too ! I finally have all the course’s, not ALL the players. A LITTLE HELP HERE ????????

    1. Jules says:

      same here!! what’s up with this?

      1. Caitlin says:

        u need 2 wait 24 hours to get characters and courses!! cause I hav Birdo and toadette and i’m only 9 years old!!!!

    2. Mike says:

      sarah, u hav to get all golds in everything else to get mirror mode- and turn off your wii and turn it back on to get toadette

    3. Jacob says:

      A Retro Cup is a cup with maps from other mariokarts

  18. sarah says:

    I’d like to get rosalina , but I dont have mirror mode. IM CLUELESS ! So would you help out ?

  19. hi says:

    i want to get the rally rommper.but i dont now what a expert staf gost is?soooooooooooooooooooo i want to now what a expert staf gost is.k.k.

  20. hi says:

    plz anwnser.thx :) :(:):(:):(:):(:):(:):(:):(:):(:):(:):(:):(:):(:):(:):(:):(:)thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. hi says:

    WHAT IS A EXPET STAF GOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11PLZ TELL ME IF YOU DO I WILL FINISH MARIO KART AND I WILL GIVE YOU 52$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLZ TELL ME OR ELSE!?

    1. Jacob says:

      You go to Time trials and go to solo Time Trials and beat the ghosts

  22. dudeldidu says:
    ever heard of the WEB? it´s a nice invention… what about searching it before getting on other people´s nerves?! :/

  23. sham says:

    I’ve completed all 150cc races with a rank but can’t can’t unlock honeycoupe, daisy and quacker, WHY?

  24. Nulti says:

    Ive unlocked every thin

  25. Will says:

    What is retro cup, and what do you do to unlock it?

  26. emer says:

    how do u open quaker i won the star cup plez help!!

    1. awnser to some broblems says:

      you have to win 150cc star cup. did you do that

  27. boo says:

    still stuck what is a expert staff and how do u open it?????

    1. Jacob says:

      You beat main ghost on time trials on solo race and beat them

  28. Luigi70919 says:

    I beat the first cup in 100 cc and got Rosalina lol

  29. Madison says:

    My brother has almost passed
    the whole game!!He plays on it everyday

  30. COOL GUY says:

    i want funky donky kong but i dont have whyfi is that a problem hellp and i done all time trial,s for toadette please hellllppppp!!!!!!

    1. Jacob says:

      You go to solo time trials and beat them by a few seconds

  31. dylan rodriguez says:

    I got star rank on 50cc but I didn’t get baby daisy. Why is that

    1. Luigi70919 says:

      Did you complete the Wii courses or retro courses, which are the shell, banana, leaf, and lightning cups?

  32. Hockeyguy says:

    First of all for those of u who want birdo and time trial characters like that u have to do a solo time trial with no ghost. Then after u have dOne enough to unlock someone exit all the way to the lisens or whatever they r. Click on yours and u will unlock your character.

  33. kiya reynolds says:


  34. kiya reynolds says:


  35. lilly says:

    Thx I unlocked all things

  36. pj says:

    well i didnt get it and now i am really mad bro.. im ganna knock you guys out jk jk but im piss*d off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -______________________- *_____________* (*_____*)

  37. pj says:

    sorry i messed up i tryed to unlock king boo and i won the special cup instead of the star cup. sorry for my previous comment
    working on it now.! (^_^)


  38. Luigi70919 says:

    Hey I know about the expert staff ghosts, but its’s hard to beat them by exactly 7 seconds. Is there any easy way to tell if you are 7 seconds ahead?

    1. Luigi70919 says:

      nvm found it

      1. kylan says:

        what is it

        1. Jacob says:

          after each lap it says -something thats how many second you beat them by

  39. Faizal Saban says:

    I got all gold on all cups – 50cc, 100cc, 150cc and Mirror mode. All I need to do is to is to beat Mario circuit 3. I am Faizal, used to be online but my internet has got errors. Sorry guys.

  40. Marcus says:

    holy cow i beat the whole entire game, unlocked all the unlockables, excepted mii outfit b!!!! its nearly impossible to get a staff ghost on that ghost level!!!! >:(

  41. aliciafaye says:

    how do you tell if its an expert?

  42. recordbreaker says:

    What is a mirror cup plz tell me

    1. jack9860 says:

      mirror cup is the same but switched like the right corners is now left corner and left corners are now right corners

  43. naomi says:

    hello! i won rosalina by playing super mario galaxy that was a message from that game…

  44. Luma♥Roselina says:

    I have more ways to get Tings

    Roselina: Create a file in Super Mario Galaxy
    Pirrana Prowler: Do 500 races
    Turbo Blooper: Play with the numchuck (you just need to plug it in you don’t need to play)

    And I see that you have not listed the Tiny Titan Kart. My friend has it.

  45. YESH says:

    retro cups??

  46. Rawr ^____^ says:

    What is Mirror mode?

  47. Rawr ^____^ says:

    And like Luma♥Roselina said, you did not list the Tiny Titan Kart. I unlocked it about an hour ago. I think you have to win [First, second, or third place] 50 races in WFC [WiFi connection] mode.

  48. sam says:

    whats a 1 star rank

  49. Mike says:

    Sarah, you hav to get gold in every cup in every mode to get mirror mode.

  50. the lol100! says:

    CI can say mirror mode is where left Android right are reversed

  51. the lol100! says:

    I got all gold in mario kart wii but not thecharacters or karts

  52. Grrrrrr says:

    How do u unlock mirror

  53. jacob says:

    You forgot Pirhanna Plant Pete

  54. jack9860 says:

    to unlock mirror mode get first place in all of the 150cc cups

  55. James says:

    i have unlocked everything in all cups n i bet that none can beat me at Mario Kart Wii so there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. James says:

    all u loses can’t beat me even if it was for 400,000 pound!!

  57. Unkown says:

    what’s ur favourite scary movie?

    i have unlock evry1 in MK on wii n u guys cant hahahahah

    P.S. If u like mario karts on wii or any game station write PING!!! on the comment and type in a fake name and if u do that i wil send a message back….


  58. kk says:

    ok im stupid but what r retro cups??????????????anybody

  59. ok if you put in a totally fake email adress it works
    how old r u im 10 and female named rylie

  60. i want money……..pleaze help me get some cash

  61. hellen says:

    wow superb amazing i am so goin for it gonsiye le tableui huing suoprr!!! neghs £3789.00000 i catn “affordable” so uint mama papa se unit i cant un table se com se com sa.

  62. billy says:

    It is so hard to get drybowser

  63. india says:

    i’ve got a star in everything including mirror but i still havent got Rosalina can someone tell me why ??

  64. JJ says:

    Mirror cup is won if you complete all of the other cups in all of the other cc’s. If you complete ALL of them then you get the Mirror Cup. I got my Rosalina that way.

  65. kissan $$$ says:

    who’s the best charcter are you guys done the game?

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