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How To Unlock Wii

Want To Unlock Your Wii Without Voiding Your Warranty?

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If you are planning to unlock your Wii then you really need to read this page because this can save you a lot of time and money in the process of unlocking Wii.

Unlocking Wii is awesome and it really makes your Nintendo Wii a great machine which can do a lot more than just playing the Nintendo games. But it’s not easy and you need to know a few things before you make your decision of unlocking your Wii.

When you unlock your Wii, it will truly become a complete home entertainment system. You will be able to do so much more with your machine and you will never have to switch between the DVD player and your Wii again. Let’s just summarize real quick what are the features that you will have access to when you unlock your Wii.

  • Backup Games and play backup discs on your Wii.
  • Play homebrew games on your Wii
  • Play DVDs, mp4 files, avi files and many other video formats.
  • Run emulators to play classic games like Contra, Double dragon, duck hunt etc.
  • Play games from other regions such as Japan, China.
  • Listen to radio, mp3, and even play YouTube videos on your Wii

Now these are just the bullet points, but if you want to read more about the advantages, you can go to the advantages section of our website.



Flying High with your Luigi

So, how do you unlock your Wii?

First of all, the most important thing; YOU DON’T NEED A MODCHIP TO UNLOCK YOUR WII. If you install a mod chip, you void your warranty and that is something that nobody wants. It can be done without a mod chip or a Twilight hack. So make sure you don’t get fooled into soldering a mod chip on your Wii.

But, unlocking Wii is not a simple task. In fact, for a non-techy person it will take a lot of time and research to understand the procedure and do it right. It’s alright if it takes some time, but the problem is, if you don’t do it right, then you might brick (a technical term from breaking) your Wii.

This means your Wii will become useless and when you start it, there will only be a white screen and nothing else.

And if you brick your Wii, you will have to go to Nintendo service station and have them repair it which might take several weeks or even months. So unless you consider yourself a gaming consoles geek, it is highly recommended that you get a guide which will tell you how to do it.

So how do these guides help you?

They will give you exact step by step instructions that will tell you how to unlock your Wii without any hassles. The top guides will also provide you with videos that will make things a lot easier for anyone. The guides will not only save you hours and hours of research but will also make sure that you do it safely and don’t void your warranty.

The guides will also tell you how to backup your Wii games and unlock all the new features of your Wii without any problems.

I have reviewed all the guides that are available on the market. These reviews are based on careful examination of all the guides available and the following factors.

  1. The ease of use. How easy are the guides and the videos to follow. The video quality, the simplicity of the guide and whether or not the guide is up to date is considered.
  2. The Bonuses that they provide. The Bonuses, even though not necessary, provide good value for money and if you are spending some money, you should try to get the best out of your buck.
  3. The Price. Because money is important.
  4. The customer service. The guides are so easy to follow, you won’t really need customer support, but in case something goes wrong, you will want some support and that is why this is an important factor to consider.

The Best There is

Price -$29.95

Works With The Latest Wii v4.3

This is undoubtedly the best product on the internet that provides a guide to unlock Wii. James Dean, who created the guide is a well known expert in the gaming industry and has created many reputable guides in the past. The guide is a very easy to use e-book which guides you step by step for unlocking the Wii. They also have videos to guide you through the process.

The reason why this is on top because it serves the primary purpose of the guide exceptionally well, that is to help you unlock your Nintendo Wii. The bonuses that James provides are excellent and are a must have for every Wii owner. The best part about this guide is that you get access to a members section where James updates all the information about the latest updates from Nintendo, so no matter what updates Nintendo releases in future, you know your Wii will be safe and unlocked.

The total package is for $29.95 only (for a limited period of time) and has the following products included.

1. Wii Games Cheats Guide – This is the most updated Wii Cheat Book that gamers are using right now to conquer their favorite games!

2. Backup Wii Games Guide and Software – Tells you how to backup your games so you can keep the originals in a safe place and feel free to play the games without worrying about scratches

3. Wii Games Patching Guide and Software – There are some games out there that you just can’t backup. This patching guide shows you how to get around these road blocks so you can backup absolutely any game.

4. Wii DVD Converter Guide and Software – Helps you turn your Nintendo Wii into a DVD player so you can play videos and DVDs.

5. Wii UNLOCKER ULTRA Guide and Videos – The main guide required to unlock Wii. Videos are included in this.

6. Wii UNLOCKER ULTRA Elite Gamers Membership- They have a membership area where they constantly update any new Wii related mods, cheats, homebrew games, guides, updates etc. This is quite a handy option that will keep you updated with all that is latest with Wii. They have a new surprise in it every month.

Update: Wii Unlocker Ultra is the only guide right now which works for Wii v4.3 so only go for other guides if you a v4.2 or lower.

Money Back Guarantee : 60 days

2. Wii Unlock Plus

Price -$29.7 Rating: [Rating:3.5/5]

This was a close competitor but Wii Unlocker Ultra won in the end. Hands Down!  The original game guide is quite good and this also provides a set of videos to help you guide through the process of unlocking the Nintendo Wii. But the Video quality and the guide isn’t as well-defined as our No.1 product. But still the guide is good enough that you won’t have any problems unlocking your Nintendo Wii with it.

Where Wii Unlocker Ultra checkmates Wii unlock Plus is the members section. You see, Wii unlock Plus is a onetime product where you buy everything and after that you won’t have to do anything with the website. They do send you updates if they make some new addition to their product, but that is very rare. But what if Nintendo releases an update that you want to install and their product isn’t compatible with it? What about all the new updates and new games that are being released, what if one of the new games is hard to make a backup copy of?

With the membership section of Wii Unlocker Ultra you can rest assured that you will be able to avail all the new offers and new software that comes out. But, Wii unlock plus doesn’t offer you this service, you pay for the product one time and then you are done with it. Wii unlock plus does however makes a good offer by providing some extra bonuses in its package like the Wii themes club. The product is for $29.97 and it has the following products to offer in the package.

1. Wii Unlock Plus and Videos – This is the main guide that guides you through the unlocking process.

2. Backup launcher – To help you backup your games.

3. Wii Cheats Handbook – Provides you with cheats and tricks for many Nintendo Wii games.

4. Homebrew Database – Installs Homebrew browser to help you install and uninstall homebrew games directly from your Nintendo Wii.

5. Media Player – Installs a media player on the Wii so you can play DVDs and videos on it. Money Back Guarantee : 60 days

Click Here to go to Wii Unlock Plus website.

3. Homebreware

Price -$29.95


Homebreware is the oldest available guide for unlocking Nintendo Wii. They provide the same basic service, but since the guide is quite old, they have not explained unlocking the Nintendo v4.2 as well as the Wii Unlocker Ultra. The extra bonuses provided by them are no where compared to Wii Unlock Plus. The guide is for $29 and the product package contains –

1. The basic Homebreware guide – This is the basic guide, and it doesn’t have any videos to guide you through the process.

2. Wii cheat guide – A guide containing cheats for different Nintendo Wii games.

Money Back Guarantee : N/A

Click here to go to Homebreware website.

4. Brew Wii

Price -$34.95


This guide offers the exact same things that HomeBreware provides except that it is much more expensive. It is nothing compared to Wii Unlocker Ultra and Wii unlock Plus. It is compatible with v4.2, but the extras provided are not enough and the price is unnecessarily high. The cost is $34.95 and it has the package contains the following.

1. BreWii guide – The main guide that tells you how to unlock Wii along with videos.

2. Wii Cheat – Cheats for hundreds of different Nintendo Wii games.

Money Back Guarantee : 60 days

Click here to go to Brew Wii website


I will suggest that you go only with either one of the top two products if you want to purchase a guide for unlocking Wii. Of course, my recommendation is Wii unlock ultra , but feel free to go to their websites and check on your own what they have to offer. All the e-books and video downloads are instant and you won’t have to wait for even a minute after you purchase the guide to unlock the Wii. You can instantly download the guides and the videos and start unlocking your Wii.

Unlock your Wii right now so you can enjoy everything that the Wii has to offer. Stop wasting time and start having fun.

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